South Africa is not a failed State. Not yet. But all indications are, if there is no urgent and decisive intervention from the Christian Church and civil society, we cannot avoid it.

The ANC government’s diabolical plans to redefine man, woman marriage, as proposed in the “White Paper on Marriages in SA” is one of the most socially harmful policies conceived.

Equating the God-given and defined institution of marriage with same-sex and transgender unions not only contradicts family life, it is unreasonable and contrary to the common good.

I have written to senior Christian denomination and civil-society leaders to object to the proposed redefinition of monogamous heterosexual marriage. Government’s approved policies in the “White Paper” will give effect to the new single “Marriage Act” that will be tabled in Parliament in March 2023. The Church must speak up now to preserve marriage.

Family Policy Institute (FPI) needs your prayers, partnership and participation to intensify the critical fight to preserve the Biblical definition of marriage in SA. Your prayers and financial partnership keep us on the frontlines of the battle for faith, family and religious freedoms.

Please prayerfully consider a monthly-partner donation of any amount to help us fight for your values where it matters most. You can set up a monthly tax-deductible EFT contribution – directly into FPI’s banking account. Tax-certificates are available on request.

The Department of Justice is currently consulting various stakeholders on its proposal to decriminalize the sex industry in SA. Like redefined marriage, decriminalised prostitution harms men, women and children. It is a proven social destructive policy – without exception

FPI’s submission was mentioned more than 50 times in the SA Law Reform Commission’s Final Report on Prostitution Law Reform. The SALRC warned against decriminalized prostitution in SA and agreed with FPI that it socially degrades women (and children).

Please consider a generous tax-deductible donation to FPI today. Your contribution helps us defend the natural family and advance Biblical values in Parliament, the media and general society. Significantly, our workload outpaced our income over the past 6 months.

We are currently developing an online site to assist thousands of citizens to easily make submissions to government. The site will amplify the voice of Christian citizens on issues critical to faith, family and freedom. Sadly, however, a lack of finances hinders our efforts.

We also hope to launch a social-media campaign soon to target parents of school-going children with critical information about the dangerous sexual indoctrination embedded in “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) and the safe alternative, “Smart Choices.”

Thankfully, CSE is not compulsory. School Governing Bodies (SGB’s) can reject CSE and select “Smart Choices” as their preferred sexuality education curriculum. We will target parents and educators with reliable information to help them make wise choices for children.

We are monitoring the “Hate Crimes” Bill and “PEPUDA Amendment” Bill that seeks to criminalise Biblical beliefs and convictions and severely erode religious freedoms. FPI will
mobilize Christian citizens to oppose and defeat these ideological and anti-faith policies.

Please make a prayerful decision today to partner with FPI with a monthly donation of any amount. Alternatively, please consider a generous once-off tax-deductible contribution to support our vital work to defend the family and promote Biblical values in South Africa.

Thank you for your prayers, partnership and participation. Your support is critical and valued.


Errol Naidoo

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